When the results came in

Supporters of the Labour Party reacts as the first results comes in showing the Conservative party with it’s allied will win the Norwegian Parliament election. A few hours later, the result was final and the the Labour had their worst results in 16 years.

Jakob Oftebro for Aftenposten

From a shoot with Norwegian actor Jakob Oftebro for the daily Aftenposten, shot entirely on film with Mamyia RB67 with 120mm Kodak Porta, and Yashica Diary 35mm. The interview written by Kjersti Nipen can be read here.

The Rainbow Revolution in Ukraine

In Ukraine, LGBTQ has become a topic thats splits the country. After the Maidan revolution in 2014, more people have been killed because of their sexual orientation. We followed the PRIDE-parade in Kiev, where ultra nationalists armed with fighting gloves and quotes from the bible, tried to attack the march, but ended up being surrounded by the police.

Several thousand police, soldiers and national guards protected the march.

Soldiers guarding the LGBTQ-headquarter in Kiev.

The Internet Warriors – the exhibition

The exhibition consist of 12 pictures measuring 1 by 1 meter out on wooden stands, and two containers decorated as the living rooms of typical Internet Warriors.

The goal with the exhibition was to create a space where the views could experience a typical living room from an internet warriors see that they are not so different from you and I, that people who are expressing hatred online hare normal human beings as well.

An estimated 5000 people visited the exhibition during the two weeks in march and spent time looking at the pictures, reading the text and experiencing the containers.