Norwegian Ghost Hunters

Last year I spent a night with ghost hunting in Akershus, Norway. I followed a team of “investigators” from Norwegian Ghost Hunters when they looked for ghost in a old military house from 1683 called Blaker Skanse. This multimedia-story was a part of an assignment from my school.

View the piece here.

Jewelry shop blown up

At 5.15 AM this morning I got a call about a explosion at a jewelry shop. When I arrived about fifteen minutes later there was still a bit of a caos there. Glass and broken pieces lied everywhere at the road and the blast had destroyed several nearby stores. Many of the apartments where also damaged by the blast. It is uncertainty’s about whether the thieves got anything from the store. The case is still under investigation by the police.  Here are some photos and a video I made for Scanpix and NTB:

photocrati gallery


A small feature I made from Haakonsvern in Bergen for Bergens Tidende. Haakonsvern is the main base of the Royal Norwegian Navy and the largest naval base in the Nordic area. They have about 3000 employees and the base is almost like a small community with a postal office, hospital, store and a fire department.

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oslo covered in snow

It has been very cold the last few weeks here in Norway, and since I’m working for Scanpix this Christmas I was sent out to take some photos of this beautiful weather. Here are some photos I took at Frognerseteren and Fornebu on Saturday.

photocrati gallery