A small feature I made from Haakonsvern in Bergen for Bergens Tidende. Haakonsvern is the main base of the Royal Norwegian Navy and the largest naval base in the Nordic area. They have about 3000 employees and the base is almost like a small community with a postal office, hospital, store and a fire department.

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oslo covered in snow

It has been very cold the last few weeks here in Norway, and since I’m working for Scanpix this Christmas I was sent out to take some photos of this beautiful weather. Here are some photos I took at Frognerseteren and Fornebu on Saturday.

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Santa at the mall

Among happy shoppers in Asker, Norway, there is one person having a slightly different job than the rest of us. Every Christmas for 26 years, Eric Swan (56) dresses up to become Santa Claus. I followed him for two hours at the Mall where he works, and took these stills and made a video for Scanpix.

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Christmas and snow

The snow have now covered large parts of Norway and Christmas is here. Then I thought that it would be time to show one of my previous films. This short snowboard-movie , laidback slide, was made in one day in March 2009.