The Cossack Youth Military Camp in Ukraine

In the year of 2013, a valley in Crimea where filled 150 kids in small tents. , Then it was a part of Ukraine, but during the following year, Russian troops invaded and annexed the area. They where sent there by they parents to undergo an intensive military boot camp. Run by a local Cossack organization, they taught the kids on how to shoot with automatic weapons, do martial arts and survival techniques. They where taught how to become soldiers.

– They will fight so that NATO never will reach our boards, General Esaul then said, while the boys lined up one early morning during the two-week long boot camp.

The Cossacks have a long history of participating in wars in this part of the world, and are feared by many. Their history dates back to the 16th century and have been romanticized and criticized. Many have compared them with the fearless Vikings and Mongolian fighters. Recently they have fought side by side with the Russians in the wars in Georgia, Chechnya and now in Eastern-Ukraine.

– We teach the kids to become true Cossacks. Fearless men ready to defend the motherland. Their generation is lazy and dependent of alcohol, cigarettes and narcotics. We want to change that, the general said back then.