The Long Nights In Gaza

During the war in Gaza during the summer of 2014, more than 20.000 homes were destroyed. Twice as many as in the previous war. Now, the families have moved back to their homes – trying to find back to normality in a neighborhood in ruins.

This is the story of Jamal who waits in vain on the roof of his bombed house, praying for the NGOs to be able to help him rebuild his house. It’s not much left of Jamal’s home. The one half is just a pile of twisted reinforcement bars and concrete. Around the ruins lie clothes, notebooks and what’s left of their furniture. A couple of blocks down we find Hani, the father of four, who have learned to fix bullet holes, but not to talk with his children about the war.

We also meet the 18-year-old Imen who have lost all her books – and every night goes to the window to see over to the Israelis she hates. One of the floors of her families house where completely destroyed by shelling. A wall is missing in their bedroom, but they now use a blanket to cover up the gaping hole.

Still to this date, the rebuilding of the destruction in Gaza is an effort that will take as long as 20 years, according to some experts.