The Book. 
The Internet Warriors
The Internet Warriors. 
name: Kjell Frode Tislevoll
age: 42
occupation: Retail clerk
education: Stord high school
place of residence: Høyanger, Sogn og Fjordane
marital status: Single
cause: The environment

“The behaviour displayed by people in muslim countries,proves thatt it was wrong,to end colonialism,thatt it should have continued,to keep the muslims under control,’cause we in the western world is a more civilized version of humanity,that’s why we should be baby sitters for the muslim countries,so bring back colonialism”
Quote source: When 14 people were killed in a suicide bombing in Kabul in Afghanistan. VG.

Kjell Frode Tislevoll has become less skeptical of immigrants since a refugee reception center was built in his municipality.

Photo by: Kyrre LienThe Internet Warriors. 
name: Roger A. Hicks
age: 67
occupation: full-time carer for my mother
education: self taught philosopher
place of residence: London, U.K.
marital status: Divorced
cause: Save the world

“Sending children of different race to the same schools is a form of EUGENICS, encouraging them to mix and later intermarry . . .”
Quote source: Twitter-status

Roger A. Hicks believes that children of different ethnic backgrounds should not attend the same schools. But he says he’s not a racist.

Photo by: Kyrre LienThe Internet Warriors. 

Name: Robert Jackson
age: 50
occupation: Steel worker
education: Secondary school
place of residence: Haverhill, England
marital status: Married, one daughter
cause: My rights

"Fuck Islam and dont you ever stand up for that evil cunt religion”
Quote source: Comment to a Facebook-post about the difference between Islam and terrorism.

Robert Jackson wants to kick Muslims out of the U.K. He believes they are destroying the great things about his country.
Photo by: Kyrre LienThe Internet Warriors. 
Name: Ashleigh Jones
age: 21
occupation: Student
education: Student in Psychology
place of residence: Cardiff, Wales
marital status: Single
cause: Equality

Quote source: Twitter-comment directly to the artist Lady Gaga.

21-year-old Ashleigh Jones has been called a troll. But according to herself, she just has strong opinions.

«I would describe my commenting as honest and brutal. I don’t sugarcoat anything, like the time I called Lady Gaga a “TIRED ASS SHOWGIRL CUNT”.

Photo by: Kyrre LienThe Internet Warriors. 

Name: Scott Munson
age: 49
occupation: Activist
education: Social Psychology
place of residence: Palo Alto, California.
martial status: Single
cause: Saving the earth, humans, animals and plants

“would our government stage this to try to scare people into gun control?”
Quote source: To a story about the shooting in San Bernardino.

Scott Munson is convinced that the U.S. government stages terror attacks to scare people into gun control. For him it’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a “conspiracy fact”.
Photo by: Kyrre LienIMG_7128red

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The Internet Warriors – the book

Product Description

A limited edition book produced by designer Jørn Aagaard, signed by Kyrre Lien.

The book consists of all of the pictures and interviews with all of The Internet Warriors, and an essay by The New York Times columnist Stephen Marche. The book is printed on 150g Munken Lynx Rough and is limited to 1000 copies. The text, pictures and those hard-hitting comments can be find between the 88 pages long book. The size of the book is 20 x 25 cm.

Published/featured in:
– The Guardian
– The New York Times
– Der Spiegel
– VG
– Internazionale
– Slate
– Huffington Post

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