Cycling across Norway part 2

Part two of cycling across Norway:
It was a wonderful three-week long trip with rain, sun and powerful storms. With around 30 kg of baggage it was at times heavy to get up the steep mountain roads in Norway, but with the beautiful surroundings it was easy to get motivation to continue.
On September 10th I reached Lindesnes Fyr, the most southern point in Norway. At that point I had cycled 2940 kilometers from Nordkapp, the most northern point in Norway.

You can see part one from the trip here.

Everything is shot with my iPhone.

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The unknown Olympic athletes

Some pictures of three of Norway’s unknown Olympic athletes who travels to London to compete in the 2012 Olympic games this summer.

John Olav Johansen. Archery.



Sara Blengsli Kværnø. Badminton.


Bartosz Piasecki. Fencing.