Naypyitaw – the capital with no people

Tha capital of Myanmar (Burma) where they have twenty lanes wide roads and enormous buildings to house the government and the military. Myanmar’s new capital was built from scratch just seven years ago. It was built in the middle of the country, far away from any major cities. It is believed to be to protect the capital from riots from the burmese people. It is not allowed for normal people to live there, just military and the government staff. Myanmar is now opening up after over 50 years of a brutal military regime. Still, Naypyitaw is a grim example of the gouvernment’s use of taxpayers money in a country where the population is extremely poor.

This series was shot during a four-week long visit in February. Se also this story from Myanmar.

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Cycling across Norway part 2

Part two of cycling across Norway:
It was a wonderful three-week long trip with rain, sun and powerful storms. With around 30 kg of baggage it was at times heavy to get up the steep mountain roads in Norway, but with the beautiful surroundings it was easy to get motivation to continue.
On September 10th I reached Lindesnes Fyr, the most southern point in Norway. At that point I had cycled 2940 kilometers from Nordkapp, the most northern point in Norway.

You can see part one from the trip here.

Everything is shot with my iPhone.

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Cycling across Norway

I’m currently cycling across Norway. A journey I expect will take about four weeks. About 3000 km in total. I’m almost halv-way now, and here are some iPhone-pictures from along the way:

I will be posting some pictures on my Instagram-account: @_kyrre