Grandmas have lived in a bomb shelter for four years and a top military chief has some of the worlds most dangerous snakes in his office. This is the life inside the rebel held territory of Donetsk.

In the weekend edition of Aftenposten our story from Donetsk was published. We’ve met up with Maria, a 85- year old woman living on the fourth year in a bomb shelter on the frontline, a commander that has snakes at his office and spent time at the annual 9th of May military parade in town. The story was published one week after their prime minister Aleksandr Zakharchenko was killed in an apparent assassination.

Prime minister of self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic Aleksandr Zakharchenko was killed by a bomb 30th of August 2018. Here a photo from 2015 when he opened a supermarket.

05.2018 – DONETSK: 9th of May parade in Donetsk.

05.2018 – DONETSK, EASTERN-UKRAINE: 85-year old Maria Ivanova has lived in a bomb shelter for four years.

– I’m born in Donetsk, I will die in Donetsk.

05.2018 – DONETSK

Remains of the airport in Donetsk. 2016.