My Japanese Yashica “Diary” from the 1970’s, that I bought in Russia.

And by crappy, I mean a small, cute, cheap, unsharp and lovely camera that makes you look very un-serious when meeting one of Norway’s most popular and famous people, the fotball legend Ole Gunnar Solskjær. A man that has scored 126 goals for Manchester United during his time there from 1996-2007.

But I wanted to go past the traditional expression we have when photographing our celebrities. I wanted the series to look more of a family album of a everyday man living in Kristiansund, Norway. Our goal was to accompany him from Molde where he is the coach of Molde FK and to Kristiansund, where he lives.

The choice of look I did have to defend a few times in our editorial department, but it’s really great that I got the green light and I was able to do the shoot the way I intended.

Assignment for VG, and you can read the story here. Words by Monica Flatabø.

Foto: Kyrre Lien, VG