Explore your iPhone-photos

So, we all have heard the cliché “the best camera is the one you have with you”. In many cases that’s actually correct. One fancy thing with the photos you take with your iPhone-camera is that it automatically adds geo-location to every photo. This means you can see exactly where the photo where taken. This is what the app iPhone photos infographic uses to make this fascinating presentation of all your pictures on your phone. (Thanks Eirik for the tip!)

It’s especially exiting because it also makes a graph that show’s when during a day you take most pictures. And of course many other cool features. This is how mine looks like:

My favorite camera

OK, it’s not my favorite camera, but it’s close. (The 5d will always win this battle). The Polaroid SX-70 from the 1970’s is a great camera in many ways. It looks good, takes cool pictures and the pictures are printed instantly. All sounds very good except the film is radically expensive. 8 pictures costs about 24 dollars form The impossible project. And that’s not including tax and shipping. And the camera tend to break down. Therefore I now had to buy a new one.

Even though, this is not about the price or that the pictures sometimes turn out to be over/under-exposed. It’s about the feel of having to think through every frame you shoot. Now you can not just delete a bad photo. Or, wait. You can throw it out, but then it going to hurt the wallet.


photocrati gallery

Fighter pilot

Last week I was sent to Bodø to photograph fighter pilot Bjørn Mannsverk. During the summer he was one of the fighter pilot Norway sent down to Libya. I recommend reading the interview with him in this weeks VG helg.

Since I was not allowed to fly with him I rigged a small camera (GoPro) in the cockpit to take pictures of him.  I think it turned out cool. I also tried something called a cinemagraph where some parts of the picture are in movement. Look closely at the picture below:


photocrati gallery