Jakob Oftebro

Portraits of actor Jakob Oftebro photographed for VG i Copenhagen. The article can be found here.

Portrettet VGHELG Skuespiller Jakob Oftebro fotografert i København i Danmark.  Foto: Kyrre Lien, VG

Portrettet VGHELG
Skuespiller Jakob Oftebro fotografert i København i Danmark.
Foto: Kyrre Lien, VG

Portraits in Oslo

I had a fun assignment a while back ago to portrait friends and people I meet on the street who work and live nearby Torggata in Oslo. Previously this street has had a bad reputation, but during the last few years it’s reputation has improved significant. The pictures where inspired by the fantastic series “Humans of New York” and used to decorate a new housing complex in the neighborhood.

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Jesus in Siberia

In January I spent a couple of days deep in Siberia with Mongolia, Kazakhstan and China as some of the closest neighbours. We sold the story to VG Helg and it was printed last Saturday.

Here, east for Abakan, 4000 people have moved to follow their spiritual leader, Sergey. They call them self Vissarion and they believe that Sergey Torop is the new Jesus. Sergey was previously a traffic police before he decided to become Jesus. They grow their own food, have no electricity and don’t eat meat. To say at least, it was very fascinating to live with them for four days. You can read more about the religion here.

You can also read the story here if you have a subscription at VG+.

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Jesus in Siberia from Kyrre Lien on Vimeo.

Assignment for The New York Times

I recently took some portraits for The New York Times to a story about Lars Mytting and our fascination for fireweood here in Norway. NRK recently had a dedicated 12-hour long program dedicated to fireood.

“One thing that does not divide Norway, apparently, is its love of discussing Norwegian wood. Nearly a million people, or 20 percent of the population, tuned in at some point to the program, which was shown on the state broadcaster, NRK.” – The New York Times


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Siri and Pawel

The wedding of Siri and Pawel 12th December 2012. We had a beautiful, but very cold photo shoot in minus 13 degrees on the outskirts of Oslo.

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