One week ago one of the biggest celebrities in Norway, Wenche Foss, passed away, 93 years old. Yesterday, April 4th, I covered the funeral in Oslo Domkrike. In cases like this where many photographers and newspaper want to take pictures inside of the church during the funeral, there are restrictions. To make the coverage as subtle as possible for the grieving family and friends, a pool is created. Scanpix often get this pool where we are responsible for taking the pictures and distributing them to our clients.

During the funeral of Wenche Foss I was inside the church with my colleague Erlend (bottom picture). I was stationary down at the floor and he was at the gallery. It is quite difficult to take pictures in a situation like this. You need to be very quiet and take as few pictures as possible, because the shutter-sound is very noteble in the church. We tried to only take pictures when people was talking or singing to “cover” the shutter sound.

We of course weard a suit and we had radio communication with the other photographers standing outside the church and with our picture desk at the office. The pictures where sent live from the church to our clients. During the one hour long funeral I only took about 30 pictures, in a addition to a remote I had in the front of the church.

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